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07704 211 471 work all over Kent and East Sussex keeping business and home computers running smoothly. Below you can read about problems we have recently helped solve.

Soldered USB Memory Stick

Recovering Files from Snapped USB Memory Stick

Another day … another broken USB thumb drive. This time the USB plug had been completely snapped off when it was knocked whilst plugged into a laptop. We carefully removed the plastic casing from the device and soldered a usb lead to the circuit points exposed by the damage. This allowed the drive to be ... read more

Posted in Data Recovery on 15th May 2018

EPOS Power Supply

Faulty Till Power Supply

A call out to a restaurant that was experiencing problems with their EPOS Tills soon was shown to be a PSU (Power Supply Unit) issue. At least two of their till power supplies were faulty and another was behaving “strangely”. The good news was that the EPOS units were not faulty, although they did need ... read more

Posted in EPOS Repairs, EPOS Servicing on 28th February 2018

Burned Out Solenoid

Faulty EPOS Cash Drawer

We were called to take a look at a catering company’s till system as they were all dying one by one. Symptoms included printers that wouldn’t print and cash drawers that either wouldn’t open or wouldn’t stay closed. On inspection of the EPOS equipment, we discovered that two of the thermal printers were not opening ... read more

Posted in EPOS Repairs, EPOS Servicing on 25th January 2018

Windows on a Mac

Replacing MacOS with Windows 10

This will be a bit controversial … but there are people out there who want a Mac but not MacOS. “MADNESS!!!” we hear you shout “Who are these heathens?!? Cast them out! They shouldn’t be allowed to own a computer!!” Well, we don’t judge you, we just do what we’re paid to. So for anyone ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs, Laptop Repairs, Laptop Servicing on 11th January 2018


USB Pen Drive Repair

Amazingly we managed to recover all 5.5Gb from this USB memory stick! The USB plug had been completely ripped from the circuit board which had in turn detached two of the four solder points where the USB plug is attached. This meant that a repair was exctremely delicate and required the circuit board tracers to ... read more

Posted in Data Recovery on 19th February 2017

Frankenstein’s USB Stick – He’s ALIVE!

USB Memory Stick Repair

Here’s another good news data recovery story! This USB drive was posted to us for repair. It was in a very bad state and required quite a bit of soldering but after a while we were able to recover the entire contents of the drive (over 3.5Gb!) and deliver to the client all within 24 ... read more

Posted in Data Recovery on 31st August 2016


Faulty Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter was showing all the signs of a broken motor. On closer inspection it was clear that a loose connection had overheated and melted the wires.We stripped the burned metal and plastic away and reconnected the wires together. Now the scooter works again and the motor didn’t need replacing after all! ... read more

Posted in Mobility Scooter Repairs on 21st August 2015


Temporary Fix for Broken Android Touchscreen

This is Dave from Rye Van and Rural Vehicle Servicing Ltd. Dave’s looking pretty smug because he solved his faulty touchscreen on his smart phone by purchasing a USB adapter and plugging in a USB optical mouse! This is great! Especially as we hate repairing Sony smart phones! ... read more

Posted in Smartphone Repairs on 5th June 2015


Upgrading a MacBook A1181

We were handed a white MacBook A1181 by one of our clients to repair and upgrade for their son to use to learn how to code. The laptop had 1Gb RAM, 120Gb hard drive, a battery that wouldn’t charge, the trackpad button was stuck down and it was running Mac OS X Leopard (eight years ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs, Apple Servicing, Laptop Repairs, Laptop Servicing, Refurbished Apple, Upgrades on 14th May 2015

Rye & District Bonfire Society

Donating to the Rye Bonfire Society have donated a full Mac, PC or laptop service to the Rye and District Bonfire Society for their Auction of Promises which is to be held at The Mermaid Inn on the 14th May 2015 at 7pm. This is a superb opportunity to have a great time and support a worthwhile local event! Our full computer ... read more

Posted in Computer Servicing, Pro Bono / Charity on 7th May 2015