3G Mobile Broadband WiFi

For those in broadband black spots desperately looking for a reliable internet alternative to conventional landline ADSL, check out your local 3G coverage.

We setup a directional panel antenna for a client near Maidstone that points at his nearest 3G mast (you can find the locations of your nearest masts here). This antenna was mounted on his existing TV aerial and can be plugged into a 3G USB dongle to boost the signal.

3g Broadband AntennaHowever, for those with dongles that don’t have an external aerial socket, you can attach an adapter with a velcro strap! This device attaches around your dongle and allows it to receive the enhanced signal from the panel antenna.

We then used a 3G Wireless Router to broadcast the mobile broadband around his house and office just as you would a normal ADSL Wireless Router.

Although 3G mobile broadband can be more expensive than landline broadband, it doesn’t suffer the latency problems of satellite broadband services which can be 25 to 30 times slower than ADSL (whereas the latency of 3G is only 2 to 3 times slower in our experience).