BT Home Hub 5G WiFi doesn’t work with MacBook or iMac

We have now discovered this problem with two of our client’s MacBook Airs and an iMac.

If your Apple computer is compatible with 5 GHz WiFi (you can check this here) then you may experience issues connecting to the 5G WiFi network on your BT Home Hub 4 or 5 we have discovered.

The only way we have found to solve this problem is to disable the 5G WiFi network in the BT Home Hub Control Panel and here is how …

  1. Log into your BT Home Hub by visiting with your web browser
  2. Click “Advanced Settings”
  3. Enter your BT Home Hub admin password and click “OK”
  4. Click “Continue to Advanced Settings”
  5. Click “Wireless”
  6. Click “5 GHz Wireless”
  7. Click “No” next to “Wireless network enable”
  8. Click “Apply”

This should temporarily solve the problem until a permanent fix is found by BT or Apple.