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Desktop Repairs


Need More Space?

If you’re running our of space on your computer it can have some pretty severe effects from slowing the machine down to crashes and data loss. There’s no need to buy a new computer, though. We can replace the hard drive inside your computer with a much larger capacity model and then mirror (duplicate) the ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs, Desktop Repairs, Laptop Repairs, Upgrades on 13th August 2013

Blown Capacitors on a Motherboard

Don’t Cook your Computer

Computers can overheat for many reasons, here are a few: Dust clogging up the fans and heat sinks (common in households with pets or smokers) Broken fans (fans have moving parts which wear out over time) Obstructed air vents (common with laptops that aren’t placed on a hard flat surface) Over clocked CPUs (common with ... read more

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Rye Museum Kiosk Terminals

We have just serviced the two old computers in the East Street Rye Museum site. The machines were used to allow their visitors to browse but had been turned off for years as the machines had become so slow and the WiFi network was unreliable. When we serviced the desktops we found they just ... read more

Posted in Desktop Repairs, Desktop Servicing, Wired Networks, Wireless Networks on 11th April 2013


Sage 50 Networking

If your business uses Sage 50 for its accounting software, we can set it up so that multiple machines can access the same accounts over a network. Today we were in Tenterden to do just that for JBS. For the cost of a call out and a new license for Sage 50, they are now ... read more

Posted in Desktop Repairs on 27th September 2012


Run out of USB Ports?

Are you struggling to share your computer’s limited USB ports with all the USB devices you own and frequently become more entangled in wires when swapping plugs around at the back of the computer? Or perhaps you already have an external USB hub to solve this problem but are fed up with the mess of ... read more

Posted in Desktop Repairs, Upgrades on 28th February 2012

Remote Repairs

iPhone to fix your Mac or PC

We usually work onsite but can service your computers (PC or Apple) and solve other software related problems remotely if required. Here we are defragmenting a computer’s hard drive remotely from an iPhone. Your computer will need a working internet connection in order to allow us access via remote support but can be ideal, especially ... read more

Posted in Desktop Repairs, Desktop Servicing on 25th February 2012