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Wired Networks

BT Business Hub

Restart Procedure

If you are experiencing network or broadband issues, often a complete restart of your equipment will resolve these issues. We would turn the equipment off and back on in the following order: Shutdown (not sleep or hibernate) all desktop PCs and laptops Turn off all printers Turn off any network attached hard drives Log into ... read more

Posted in Broadband, Wired Networks, Wireless Networks on 12th July 2014


Running CAT5 and CT100 Cable

Here’s Charlie running CAT5 cable for the networking requirements of a barn conversion in Rye. We also put down the TV and Satellite CT100 cable whilst we were at it. Always best to run cables so they can be hidden in walls and ceilings! ... read more

Posted in Wired Networks on 14th June 2014

Synology DS212j

Apple Time Machine and RAID

One of our clients have several MacBooks and iMacs and required a central backup solution that was protected with a mirrored RAID 1 array. RAID is a common method for combining several hard drives that can either be duplicated (mirrored) or joined (striped) or both. The benefits for mirroring drives are that if one drive ... read more

Posted in Apple Servicing, Backup Solutions, Wired Networks on 10th July 2013


Rye Museum Kiosk Terminals

We have just serviced the two old computers in the East Street Rye Museum site. The machines were used to allow their visitors to browse but had been turned off for years as the machines had become so slow and the WiFi network was unreliable. When we serviced the desktops we found they just ... read more

Posted in Desktop Repairs, Desktop Servicing, Wired Networks, Wireless Networks on 11th April 2013

3g WiFi Router

3G Mobile Broadband WiFi

For those in broadband black spots desperately looking for a reliable internet alternative to conventional landline ADSL, check out your local 3G coverage. We setup a directional panel antenna for a client near Maidstone that points at his nearest 3G mast (you can find the locations of your nearest masts here). This antenna was mounted ... read more

Posted in Broadband, Wired Networks, Wireless Networks on 5th October 2012

Network Tools

Tools of the Trade

Today we tested and repaired five faulty network sockets at a hotel in Rye. Diagnosing wired network issues efficiently and repairing them requires a unique set of tools which we always have to hand. We were able to locate the missplaced pairs and swap them back very quickly. We were also able to find the ... read more

Posted in Wired Networks on 5th March 2012