Faulty EPOS Cash Drawer

We were called to take a look at a catering company’s till system as they were all dying one by one.

Symptoms included printers that wouldn’t print and cash drawers that either wouldn’t open or wouldn’t stay closed.

On inspection of the EPOS equipment, we discovered that two of the thermal printers were not opening the cash drawers and two were not allowing the cash drawers to close. We also noticed that one of the cash draws wasn’t working at all.

We took this particular cash drawer to pieces and discovered that the solenoid (the device that opens the drawer) was completely burned out! It didn’t take long to discover that the burned out solenoid was shorting out the printer connection that opens the till and was in turn breaking the relay switch (an electronic switch) in any thermal printer that was connected to it, causing some to not work at all and some to always be in the “on” position (causing the cash drawer to stay open).

Although the client was now facing the need to buy 4 new thermal printers and a new cash drawer, whilst we were there we re-calibrated the EPOS touch-screens, fixed a thermal printer paper jam, unlocked a cash drawer with a missing key (and found £80 the client didn’t know they had which gave them a little solace!) and replaced the lock. So not all was lost.