Faulty Till Power Supply

A call out to a restaurant that was experiencing problems with their EPOS Tills soon was shown to be a PSU (Power Supply Unit) issue.

At least two of their till power supplies were faulty and another was behaving “strangely”. The good news was that the EPOS units were not faulty, although they did need temporarily reprogramming to not look for missing tills whilst new power supplies were sourced.

The bad news was that getting replacement power supplies for their ageing EPOS equipment wasn’t easy. The original Vectron PS10 unit had been discontinued and the replacement PS70 was also unable to be found. Other alternatives (P50A16) we found could be ordered but had a 13 week waiting time!

So we set about trying to repair the existing power supplies. Again we ran into problems as both had suspected faulty transformers which were unable to be purchased.

Finally we found a company who supplied a compatible replacement (AEH45UM25) for under £50 ex VAT which the client purchased and when it arrived we returned to re-program the system to accept the missing EPOS till.