iPhone Stolen, Smashed, Found, Fixed and Returned!

We saw a tweet asking if anyone had seen an iPhone in Swaine Road near Tenterden as it had been lost and the iCloud “Find My iPhone” feature was saying the phone was in that location …

Swaine Road, St Michaels

It turns out that the phone had been last seen in Peasmarsh that morning so it was quite obvious that it had been stolen.

As we were in the area dropping a hard drive to a client in Tenterden High Street, we drove down Swaine Road to take a look and sure enough, there it was in a ditch!

iPhone 5 in a Ditch with a Broken Screen

So we braved the mud, collected the phone and a passing dog walker was kind enough to give some wipes to clean off the mud.

The phone was on but sadly the screen had been completely smashed and so was not usable. Probably why the device had been discarded!

The phone’s owner was delighted and offered a reward but we didn’t accept and instead offered to attempt to fix the phone.

We took it straight to our workshop and immersed it in a container of rice in a warm cupboard to absorb any liquid from the ditch and prevent any water damage.

After a few days we started the repair to replace the screen.

iPhone 5, Rice, Smashed Screen

As it turned out, we were right to be worried about water damage as the phone had indeed been wet as confirmed by these red dots that signify the phone has seen liquid …

Water Damaged iPhone 5

The repair went well, the phone works perfectly and was returned to a delighted owner! She was convinced she wasn’t going to see her phone or any of her precious photographs again so this was the best result for her.

Repaired iPhone 5

The end 😃