Laptops are like Cats

… sometimes they just need to cough up a furball!

This particular laptop had been becoming slower and slower and would often just cut out and turn off. No surprise when we took it to pieces and found this amount of fluff and dust clogging up the fan and heat sink!

There’s no need to think this reflects on the cleanliness of your house either, laptops use air to cool their chips and over the years the dust in the atmosphere will naturally accumulate inside.

Our laptop service includes:

  • Dust and debris removal from fan and heat sink
  • Removal of unwanted startup items
  • Optimisation of operating system
  • Installation of operating system updates
  • Defragmentation of hard drive
  • Laptop valet (including screen & keyboard)
  • Recommendations for upgrade (if required)

So contact us to book a service for your laptop.

Laptop servicing requires that you confirm your data is backed up or that a backup is not required as there is always a small risk that your hard drive may experience problems, especially during the update and defragmentation process.