Laptops Full of Fluff

Further to our previous post “Laptops are like Cats”, here is another laptop we’ve just serviced. Only this time it was ours!

This is a Dell Inspiron I5 and it is only a year and a half old! The furball it had accumulated from the atmosphere in this time was enough to slow the computer down and even turn it off (to protect the CPU, its brain) when it really became hot!

Our laptop service offer is still the same:

  • Dust and debris removal from fan and heat sink
  • Removal of unwanted startup items
  • Optimisation of operating system
  • Installation of operating system updates
  • Defragmentation of hard drive
  • Laptop valet (including screen & keyboard)
  • Recommendations for upgrade (if required)

So contact us to book a service for your laptop.

Laptop servicing requires that you confirm your data is backed up or that a backup is not required as there is always a small risk that your hard drive may experience problems, especially during the update and defragmentation process.