MacBook Air Hard Drive Upgrade

If your MacBook Air’s hard drive fails and needs replacing or you’ve simply run out of space and need a larger one, a new drive is the way forward.

The first thing to do is search on eBay¬†with your MacBook Air model number (written in small writing underneath, eg A1304) and the words “hard drive”.

Don’t purchase a drive unless it specifically mentions it is compatible with your laptop model.

You have the choice of a standard drive or an SSD (solid state drive) which is flash based and much faster, but more expensive.

Our client purchased a 120Gb standard drive to replace the existing 80Gb drive. Installation was quite straight forward but we don’t recommend you undertake this at home as there are some hidden screws and swapping over the hard drive connector is quite fiddly.

We reinstalled the operating system with the original Apple USB installation stick and very quickly had the machine back up and running.

The whole process probably took less than a couple of hours.

If you are upgrading your hard drive you will want to restore your time machine backup rather than install a fresh copy of the operating system.