Restart Procedure

If you are experiencing network or broadband issues, often a complete restart of your equipment will resolve these issues.

We would turn the equipment off and back on in the following order:

  1. Shutdown (not sleep or hibernate) all desktop PCs and laptops
  2. Turn off all printers
  3. Turn off any network attached hard drives
  4. Log into and properly shutdown your server
  5. Turn off all wireless access points
  6. Turn off your router
  7. Turn off any switches
  8. Turn on your router
  9. Turn on your switches
  10. Turn on your wireless access points
  11. Turn on any network attached hard drives
  12. Turn on your printers
  13. Turn on your server (wait 10 minutes for the server to boot)
  14. Turn on your desktop PCs and laptops

This sequence makes sure that devices that are required for the operation of other devices are up and running in time.