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Synology DS212j

Apple Time Machine and RAID

One of our clients have several MacBooks and iMacs and required a central backup solution that was protected with a mirrored RAID 1 array. RAID is a common method for combining several hard drives that can either be duplicated (mirrored) or joined (striped) or both. The benefits for mirroring drives are that if one drive ... read more

Posted in Apple Servicing, Backup Solutions, Wired Networks on 10th July 2013

Time Machine

Apple Backup Disaster Averted

It’s all very well having a 10Tb external backup device but if you’re not using it, it’s not protecting your data. This was the case for a client of ours who called in desperation when her external 1Tb USB portable (laptop) drive stopped mounting. She was using this external drive to save all her documents ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs on 12th July 2012

Secure Your Data

Protecting your Data

Protecting your company or personal data through maintaining a regular backup regime is essential in case of fire, theft or hardware failure; but what if your backups were to end up in the wrong hands? We were recently asked to review the backup system for a company whose data was rather more sensitive than usual ... read more

Posted in Desktop Servicing on 19th June 2012

External Hard Drives

Back it up or lose it!

It is regrettable but occasionally we are unable to recover data from clients’ unresponsive hard drives or from other situations whereby data has been lost or deleted. No fix no fee but remember to backup to avoid this situation in the first place. We stock many different types of external hard drive from just £90 ... read more

Posted in Desktop Servicing on 6th June 2012