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Blown Capacitors on a Motherboard

Don’t Cook your Computer

Computers can overheat for many reasons, here are a few: Dust clogging up the fans and heat sinks (common in households with pets or smokers) Broken fans (fans have moving parts which wear out over time) Obstructed air vents (common with laptops that aren’t placed on a hard flat surface) Over clocked CPUs (common with ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs, Apple Servicing, Desktop Repairs, Desktop Servicing, EPOS Repairs, EPOS Servicing, Laptop Repairs, Laptop Servicing on 13th June 2013

Refurbished Dell Desktop

Supporting the Bonfire Boys

We donated a refurbished Dell Vostro 200 desktop to the Rye Bonfire Society’s Auction of Promises held at the Mermaid Inn. Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 1Gb RAM 160Gb Hard Drive DVD Writer Windows XP Home We were delighted that this lot raised £130 for such a great local event. This particular computer has a ... read more

Posted in Pro Bono / Charity, Refurbished Desktops on 18th May 2012

Refurbished Dell Desktops

Recycled Dell Desktops

These two refurbished desktops may look old but they’ve been supercharged with DVD writers, dual core processors, brand new 1Tb hard drives and 500W power supplies. Not bad for £150 each and the recycling is great for the environment! ... read more

Posted in Refurbished Desktops on 18th February 2012

G4 Desktop Upgrade

Apple G4 Upgrade

We were given the task of upgrading this old Apple G4 PowerMac so that it could be used for today’s Internet. No problem. Three sticks of old 256Mb SDRAM and a 160Gb IDE hard drive later and we were re-installing Tiger with all the latest updates. Suffice to say, this old Mac has had a ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs, Apple Servicing, Upgrades on 13th February 2012