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Restart Procedure

If you are experiencing network or broadband issues, often a complete restart of your equipment will resolve these issues. We would turn the equipment off and back on in the following order: Shutdown (not sleep or hibernate) all desktop PCs and laptops Turn off all printers Turn off any network attached hard drives Log into ... read more

Posted in Broadband, Wired Networks, Wireless Networks on 12th July 2014


Running CAT5 and CT100 Cable

Here’s Charlie running CAT5 cable for the networking requirements of a barn conversion in Rye. We also put down the TV and Satellite CT100 cable whilst we were at it. Always best to run cables so they can be hidden in walls and ceilings! ... read more

Posted in Wired Networks on 14th June 2014


iPhone 5 Repair

This iPhone 5 had been seriously smashed! Repairing the screen of an iPhone 5 is not the same as the previous iPhone 4 / 4s as these models required total disassembly of the phone and removal of the motherboard to get to the screen. The iPhone 5 opens up like a clamshell but we still ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs on 8th June 2014

Repairing a Broken USB Memory Stick

USB Drive Repair

We often see broken USB thumb drives. Often the USB plug on the memory stick is bent (breaking the connections inside) or broken off completely. This is a disaster, especially if the USB storage device’s owner doesn’t have a backup! In most cases we can repair these devices by re-soldering the existing USB plug or replacing it with ... read more

Posted in Data Recovery on 5th June 2014

Data Recovery

Laptop Data Recovery

We are seeing more and more laptops with corrupt, failing or broken hard drives. In this situation, users can consider themselves very lucky if we manage to recover their data when they don’t have a backup! The photo shows data being recovered from a failing drive from a laptop that was dropped on the floor. ... read more

Posted in Data Recovery, Laptop Repairs on 28th May 2014


iPhone Repair

We’ve recently been applying our skills to repairing iPhones. Although it’s easy enough to buy replacement parts like screens and batteries online, it’s not easy to find a source of good quality parts and we do not recommend you undertake these repairs yourself! There are many tiny screws, all different sizes, and if you are ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs on 19th October 2013

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Using Old Routers as Access Points

If you have black spots in your WiFi network and want to have a better wireless coverage you may be able to do so without spending as much as you thought! Most people have a cupboard or drawer full of old computer equipment and if you have an old wireless router that you no longer ... read more

Posted in Wireless Networks on 27th September 2013

80Gb 18″ Hard Drive

MacBook Air Hard Drive Upgrade

If your MacBook Air’s hard drive fails and needs replacing or you’ve simply run out of space and need a larger one, a new drive is the way forward. The first thing to do is search on eBay with your MacBook Air model number (written in small writing underneath, eg A1304) and the words “hard drive”. ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs, Upgrades on 21st September 2013


Need More Space?

If you’re running our of space on your computer it can have some pretty severe effects from slowing the machine down to crashes and data loss. There’s no need to buy a new computer, though. We can replace the hard drive inside your computer with a much larger capacity model and then mirror (duplicate) the ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs, Desktop Repairs, Laptop Repairs, Upgrades on 13th August 2013

Synology DS212j

Apple Time Machine and RAID

One of our clients have several MacBooks and iMacs and required a central backup solution that was protected with a mirrored RAID 1 array. RAID is a common method for combining several hard drives that can either be duplicated (mirrored) or joined (striped) or both. The benefits for mirroring drives are that if one drive ... read more

Posted in Apple Servicing, Backup Solutions, Wired Networks on 10th July 2013