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Touchscreen Repair

Replace EPOS Till Touchscreen

We’ve just replaced the touchscreen unit on a Sharp EPOS till. The device was not working properly and the mouse wouldn’t point in the right place despite multiple re-calibrations. Usually this kind of erratic touchscreen mouse behaviour in EPOS tills is due to dirt and dust that naturally accumulates at the edges of the screen. ... read more

Posted in EPOS Repairs on 21st March 2013

Till Repair

EPOS Touchscreen Till Repair

If your EPOS till’s touchscreen stops working you can quickly plug in a USB mouse to get you by. Touchscreens can often break with normal use as they will naturally collect dust and debris around the edges which eventually short circuits the device. A repair is normally possible without replacement parts and usually takes about ... read more

Posted in EPOS Repairs on 23rd November 2012

EPOS Till Repair

EPOS Till Repair

Touchscreen tills are often made using laptop parts and run Windows which means that their servicing and repair is quite similar to laptops. This particular EPOS unit was crashing with a “blue screen of death” and had a faulty touchscreen. We diagnosed the hardware fault as a failing stick of RAM which we replaced. The ... read more

Posted in EPOS Repairs on 1st August 2012