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Laptop Screen Replacement

We’ve just replaced this broken Toshiba laptop screen. This repair can be undertaken at your house from £65* including the replacement LCD! Contact us with the make and model number of your laptop for a quote. * Prices for replacement LCD screens vary so this price depends on the cost of your model ... read more

Posted in Laptop Repairs on 16th October 2014

Downloading Windows 8

Upgrading to Windows 8

We’ve read a lot of bad press about Windows 8 and it’s certainly not plain sailing getting used to the new interface. However, here are a couple of positives which helped one of our clients decide to upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium: At the time of writing this, the upgrade fee to Windows 8 ... read more

Posted in Laptop Servicing, Upgrades on 17th January 2013

Laptop Charger Repair

Laptop Charger Repair

When a laptop charger has been damaged, it doesn’t always mean buying an expensive replacement. We were given a faulty Dell laptop charger and here is the culprit, Buster the Bunny who had a lucky escape when he chewed through the cable. The laptop lead, however, did not survive quite so intact so it was ... read more

Posted in Laptop Repairs on 15th November 2012

Apple Charger Repair

Apple Charger Repair

This may not look pretty but it saved the owner £65 for a new 45W Apple MagSafe Charger for their MacBook Air! Firstly we identified the break in the charger’s cable (which was very close to the charger itself). We then stripped away the cable shielding around the broken area leaving enough bare cable to ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs on 14th November 2012

TV VGA and Sound Sockets

Plugging your Laptop into your Telly

Helped a friend today who was having trouble hearing any sound from his TV when using it as a monitor so thought we’d share a quick guide to connecting your laptop to your telly. This guide is for laptops / TVs with VGA ports, not HDMI ports. You need a VGA cable and an audio cable ... read more

Posted in Laptop Servicing on 8th May 2012

Laptop Debris

Laptops Full of Fluff

Further to our previous post “Laptops are like Cats”, here is another laptop we’ve just serviced. Only this time it was ours! This is a Dell Inspiron I5 and it is only a year and a half old! The furball it had accumulated from the atmosphere in this time was enough to slow the computer ... read more

Posted in Laptop Servicing on 1st May 2012

Overnight Repairs

Overnight Repairs and Maintenance

Often our clients require urgent maintenance to their computer equipment but don’t have the luxury of being without it during business hours. In cases like this we will gladly take your computers at the end of the day and return them the next morning. Last night we migrated a client’s user account on Windows 7 ... read more

Posted in Laptop Repairs, Laptop Servicing on 2nd March 2012

Onboard Repairs

All Aboard the River Boat

Today’s office was a sizeable ship at Rye Harbour modestly called the River Boat. The mate spoke English and unfortunately we would have been unable to replace the broken motherboard in his laptop before the ship left harbour. No fix no fee but we suspected water damage so suggested he left the laptop in a ... read more

Posted in Laptop Repairs on 22nd February 2012

Laptop Dust Removal

Laptops are like Cats

… sometimes they just need to cough up a furball! This particular laptop had been becoming slower and slower and would often just cut out and turn off. No surprise when we took it to pieces and found this amount of fluff and dust clogging up the fan and heat sink! There’s no need to ... read more

Posted in Laptop Repairs, Laptop Servicing on 21st February 2012