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12th Century WiFi Installation

We always enjoy the diametric irony of installing WiFi in old buildings, wondering what the original inhabitants would have made of the technology. Setting up a network in the famous 12th century Mermaid Inn was particularly satisfying in this regard. We used a combination of three Netgear WG103 business access points and the existing router’s ... read more

Posted in Wireless Networks on 19th November 2012

Mansion WiFi

Country Mansion WiFi

Installing a wireless network in such a large old building, especially one that looks like a castle was quite strange. We’re pretty sure the original owners didn’t have WiFi in mind when they had the place built! Nonetheless we’ve setup five Netgear wireless access points to cover the required areas so that residents can easily ... read more

Posted in Wireless Networks on 26th April 2012

Netgear WG102

Hotel WiFi

Site visit today at a hotel in Rye¬†to investigate how many access points need to be installed in order to supply all rooms with WiFi. We use Netgear WG102 802.11g Access Points as we have found them to have excellent reliability and signal strength. We’ve successfully installed these access points at the Falstaff in Canterbury, ... read more

Posted in Wireless Networks on 22nd February 2012