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iPhone 5 Repair

This iPhone 5 had been seriously smashed! Repairing the screen of an iPhone 5 is not the same as the previous iPhone 4 / 4s as these models required total disassembly of the phone and removal of the motherboard to get to the screen. The iPhone 5 opens up like a clamshell but we still ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs on 8th June 2014


iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

We’ve just replaced the screen on an iPhone 4S. We find the 4S to be a little bit trickier than the iPhone 4, there’s a few more connectors and screws. So if you’re not keen to try it yourself, give us a call. ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs on 19th January 2014

Repaired iPad 2

iPad Screen Replacement

Replacing the glass screen on an iPad is certainly not something we would recommend you attempt at home! Not only does the glass from a smashed digitizer go everywhere but it is very difficult to carefully remove so close to the LCD. You also have to use a heat gun to melt the adhesive! We ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs on 27th April 2013