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Temporary Fix for Broken Android Touchscreen

This is Dave from Rye Van and Rural Vehicle Servicing Ltd. Dave’s looking pretty smug because he solved his faulty touchscreen on his smart phone by purchasing a USB adapter and plugging in a USB optical mouse! This is great! Especially as we hate repairing Sony smart phones! ... read more

Posted in Smartphone Repairs on 5th June 2015

80Gb 18″ Hard Drive

MacBook Air Hard Drive Upgrade

If your MacBook Air’s hard drive fails and needs replacing or you’ve simply run out of space and need a larger one, a new drive is the way forward. The first thing to do is search on eBay¬†with your MacBook Air model number (written in small writing underneath, eg A1304) and the words “hard drive”. ... read more

Posted in Apple Repairs, Upgrades on 21st September 2013

Onboard Repairs

All Aboard the River Boat

Today’s office was a sizeable ship at Rye Harbour modestly called the River Boat. The mate spoke English and unfortunately we would have been unable to replace the broken motherboard in his laptop before the ship left harbour. No fix no fee but we suspected water damage so suggested he left the laptop in a ... read more

Posted in Laptop Repairs on 22nd February 2012