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Using Old Routers as Access Points

Posted in Wireless Networks on 27th September 2013

Using Old Routers as Access Points Using Old Routers as Access Points

If you have black spots in your WiFi network and want to have a better wireless coverage you may be able to do so without spending as much as you thought!

Most people have a cupboard or drawer full of old computer equipment and if you have an old wireless router that you no longer use, you can configure it to act as a wireless access point.

Today we used this technique to expand the wireless network at an Inn. The only configuration change that needs to be made to a wireless router to make it behave like a wireless access point is to turn off the DHCP service which can be easily done from within its control panel.

Using a CAT5 network patch cable, your existing router can be connected to the reconfigured router and immediately the WiFi network has been expanded without having to purchase a new wireless access point!

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