What to do when your Laptop goes through the Washing Machine?!

Yes. You read that right; and it was a new one on us too!

We were called by a panicked client who had accidentally put their MacBook Air through an industrial washing machine and could we recover her data? 

Unfortunately the entire laptop bag had been put in the wash including bother backup hard drives, a mouse and a car key!

We acted fast because the sooner you can extract the battery from a water damaged laptop, the more likely you are to recover its data.

Apple MacBook Airs require special torx screwdrivers to remove the back panel and battery. Once this was done we placed the whole lot in a box …

… added a lot of rice …

… and closed the lid. The box was placed in a warm location and left for 72 hours.

Amazingly we were able to recover 92Gb of data from the SSD for the client before it stopped working!