Your MacBook Air Startup Disk is Full

In our opinion, the MacBook Air is absolutely the best laptop we have ever used. Lightweight, lightning fast, extremely long battery life and great features like the backlit keyboard.

However, there is one problem that many of our customers have recently discovered. Most owners buy the cheaper model with the smaller SSD hard drive as the MacBook Air is not low priced to start with.

This entry level hard drive is only 120Gb in size and several of our customers have quite quickly run out of space to be greeted with the “Your startup disk is full”. This error can easily stop the computer from booting so when you start seeing these warnings (“Your startup disk is almost full.”) and errors it is extremely important that you act fast and do not ignore them!

Obviously the first solution is an obvious one … delete all files that you no longer want.

If you still have problems, it’s very tempting to get around the problem by moving large, rarely used, files to an external hard drive (or other device) … BUT … if you only transfer the data to one drive then this data is no longer backed up so it is important that you transfer data to multiple storage devices for peace of mind.

Alternatively your can upgrade the SSD drive in your computer; the process is as follows …

  1. Purchase a compatible SSD drive and USB enclosure
  2. Backup the computer using Time Machine to suitable external storage device
  3. Disassemble the MacBook Air, remove the existing SSD drive and replace with a new drive
  4. Place your old SSD drive in the USB enclosure and attached to the reassembled MacBook Air
  5. Boot from the old SSD drive and use Disk Utility to restore your backup to the new SSD drive

This upgrade isn’t for beginners and comes with significant risk of data loss and / or damage to your computer so we do not recommend you undertake this upgrade yourself. Also, it’s not cheap. Currently a compatible 256Gb SSD drive will cost at least £170 and that’s without the required USB enclosure!